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Nordic Master´s Programme in Biodiversity and Systematics

  • 120 credits

NABiS – The Nordic Masters program in Biodiversity and Systematics aim at providing you with the taxonomic skills needed to work on Biodiversity and its conservation in the future. Taxonomy is the science of species and their evolutionary relationships.

The programme provides an intellectually challenging learning environment with roots in a research group at your university of choice and a wide range of courses, distributed across the Nordic countries. The courses, combining theoretical studies with practical elements, will be taught as a combination of assisted e-learning and intensive field or lab sessions where students and teachers meet for a short period of time at the host university or at a field station. The programme offers a total of 24 courses that can be divided into four categories: Biodiversity – identification, Biodiversity – classification, Systematic theory, and Tools and skills. Master projects will be 30-60 ects long and be performed at your home university. Design your personal study plan by selecting courses of your choice.

Universities participing are: Sweden – Univ of Gothenburg, Univ of Lund, Univ of Stockholm, Univ of Uppsala, Denmark – Univ of Copenhagen, Univ of Århus, Norway – Univ of Oslo, Univ of Tromsö and Norwegian Univ of Science and Technology (Trondheim). For more information see:

NABiS is directed to students who are interested in a career as Nature conservation manager, officer at government agencies (Swedish biodiversity Centre etc.) or non-gevernmental organizations (WWF, etc.) manager of biodiversity infrastructures (GBIF etc.) or want to pursue an academic career as Museum curator or university researcher.