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Bachelor's Programme in Molecular Biology

  • 180 credits

Molecular biology examines the structure and function of biological processes at molecular, cellular and organism levels. The subject is broad and many different fields interact. Molecular biology is characterised by very rapidly growing need to gather knowledge, extensive technological advances, and the establishment of new subdisciplines. As a consequence of this, molecular biology has given deeper understanding of the biological processes of life, and it forms the basis for continued research and the development of powerful new tools for biotechnology and biomedicine.

The Bachelor Programme in Molecular Biology begins with one year of chemistry studies, with an emphasis on organic chemistry and biochemistry. The second year is devoted to biology. The initial part comprises 30 hp of cell and molecular biology, and this is followed by a course in basic physiology (15 hp)and a basic course teaching the use of necessary tools in molecular biology. The third year starts with compulsory courses in molecular genetics 7,5 hp) and developmental biology (7.5 hp). You are then to select courses for a minimum of 15 hp from a list of electives, with main focus on the field of molecular biology. In addition to this, you select courses for 15 hp fully freely, and degree thesis in molecular biology, for at least 15 hp.

The programme provides a broad and basic education within the molecular life sciences. The Bachelor Programme in Molecular Biology gives you the qualifications required and a firm foundation for further studies in several different master's programmes, or you may choose to enter the labour market outside of the university.