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Portuguese II

This course deepens the knowledge of the Portuguese language and literature, as well as the history, culture and society of Portuguese-speaking countries.

The module ”Language Structure and Introduction to Linguistics” discusses linguistic aspects of modern Portuguese and includes a review of key aspects of Portuguese grammar and phonetics. The student will learn how to analyse authentic texts and identify similarities and differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese. The module ”Contemporary Portuguese Literature and Culture” is mainly about fictional texts, complemented by other forms of cultural expression (e.g. music and film) from Portuguese-speaking countries. The material is analysed from both a linguistic and a literary perspective, as well as placed in a social, political, and cultural context. The module ”Oral and Written Proficiency” aims to increase the student’s ability to communicate in spoken and written Portuguese. The module ”Area Studies” provides a general overview of the history, geography, society, and culture of the Portuguese-speaking countries. The texts are studied in terms of both content and language.