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Master's Programme in Social Anthropology

The Department of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University is a world-leading research institution that provides a global and comparative perspective on the diversity of social and cultural forms of the contemporary world.

The master’s programme reflects the Department’s commitment to understanding people, ideas, and objects in situ, and how they travel across political and cultural borders, challenging, reinforcing or redrawing them in the process.

The program offers a range of courses that reflects the Department’s research interests. It is also possible, by agreement, to choose courses from other departments to tailor an individual specialization.

The first year of the programme provides students with an in-depth understanding of current anthropology and its historical roots. Both general and specialized courses give students support in creating a theoretical and thematical frame for the upcoming thesis work. Teaching is set at the department itself and focuses on continual production of text and seminar discussions apart from ordinary lectures.

The second year is of a more practical orientation where students develop their individual research projects. The first semester includes a methods course alongside an individual tutorial as well as 10 weeks dedicated to fieldwork in Sweden or abroad. The second semester is dedicated to writing the master’s thesis. 

The group of students in the master’s programme is normally around 20-25 students from Sweden and abroad with a background in anthropology or similar academic subjects.

If you are not a citizen of Sweden or another EU/EES country or have a residence permit in Sweden or another EU/EES country please make sure to apply to the master’s programme in the first round of admissions with a deadline in mid-January in order to get a residence permit in time for the start of the autumn semester.