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Teaching Oral and Written English Proficiency

In this web-based course you will develop your ability to work communicatively with grammar and pronunciation in your teaching at different school levels. The course is given in English.

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This course is for people who are looking to teach English as a foreign language or second language, not for those who are teaching English to native speakers.

You will get the opportunity to improve your own pronunciation and grammar, but the course focuses on how to use Communicative Language Teaching to teach pronunciation and grammar.

You will get to know some common "problem areas" in English. We will work systematically with English grammar and pronunciation and you will get to know how to teach these to different age groups.

You need a computer with an internet connection and webcam as well as a headset with microphone in order to participate in the course.

  • The course is primarily intended for active teachers, but it cannot be credited as a qualifying course.
  • If you are a teacher student, you are welcome to take the summer course, but you cannot credit it as part of your teacher program. your teaching program.