mRNAs are produced by RNA pol II using protein coding genes as templates. The SWI/SNF chromatin remodelling complexes are mainly involved in pol II transcription, with some complex constellations specific for particular genes. The SWI/SNF complexes contain many subunits, and one of the projects offered for PhD studies concerns the functions of the different subunits and the interaction between the subunits. Are all subunits involved in the same processes?
Transcription is tightly coupled to other processes, such as chromatin remodelling, RNA processing and nucleocytoplasmic transport. SWI/SNF complexes are thought to alter the structure of the nucleosome, but some evidence suggests that these complexes play a role in other processes, such as RNA processing. One of the projects offered for PhD studies will study whether SWI/SNF complexes influence RNA processing, and if so, the mechanism behind this influence.