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Anna AhlgrenDoktorand

Om mig

As a doctoral student in the national graduate program Schooling in perspective: A graduate school in applied history of education, I aim to provide a background for better understanding of what we today consider normal and preferred behaviors of students. In my research, I will investigate the construction of the ideal student as a subject, by identifying and describing contemporary historical portrayals of the student, focusing on student traits and conduct. The results can be used as tools for reflections on the expected recipient of education in the school system. This can lead to development of pedagogical approaches that are not based on prevailing ideas of "normal" and ”atypical" students. From this I believe it is possible to explore views of teaching, as well as grounds for adjustments, didactic adaptations and special education, that are not based on outdated and contextually limited expectations of normality.

I have always been a curious person, and I like to figure things out and share ideas and reflections with others. I have a M.A. in Primary Education with an intercultural profile, and a Master's degree in Education with intercultural specialisation. Before joining the graduate school, I worked as a special education teacher for students in grades 1-5. 

Supervisors: Johanna Ringarp, Matilda Wiklund, David Thorsén