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Om mig

PhD student in Physical Geography

Calle Österlin is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Physical Geography at Stockholm University. He is a geographer and systems thinker with a research interest in landscape change and environmental management.


The objective of my research is to improve land use management through an increased understanding of the role multiple pressures in land use, how it contributes to cumulative effects on reindeer husbandry, what effect this has on northern landscapes and how well equipped current planning practices are to manage this.

In order to meet the above-mentioned objectives, I use northern Sweden as a case study area, investigating the changes in land use pressures on reindeer husbandry, like mining, but also wind power. The research questions are studied using a combination of GIS-analysis of land use change, coupled with a series of workshops and interviews with reindeer herding communities.  

Additionally, I have an interest in improving research methodologies by using UAVs. With projects mainly involving various forms of mapping e.g. multispectral and object auto-identification using machine learning.
I have been involved in teaching on:
  • GE7071 Case Studies of Environmental Impact Assessments
  • GE7015 Environmental Management in Planning
  • GE7022 Applied Environmental Modelling
  • GE7069 Traffic and Environment



Main supervisor for Jussi Knuutillas MSc thesis: Exploring the potential of cultural ecosystem services in social impact assessment of Finnish mining projects: Assessment of local cultural values in the municipality of Kolari in Finnish Lapland

Main supervisor for Sarah Johannessons BSc thesis: Citizen Science potential i Sveriges fjällområden - Utvärdering av valideringsmetoder vid inventering av Biologiska kulturarv med hjälp av Citizen Science


Österlin, C.; Schlyter, P.; Stjernquist, I. 2020. Different Worldviews as Impediments to Integrated Nature and Cultural Heritage Conservation Management: Experiences from Protected Areas in Northern Sweden. Sustainability12, 3533. 

Kløcker Larsen, R., Skarin, A., Stinnerbom, M., Vannar, J., Alam, M., Kuhmunen, M., Lawrence, R., Nygård, J., Raitio, K., Sandström, P., Sandström, S., Stinnerbom, J., Wik-Karlsson, J., Österlin, C. 2020. Omtvistade landskap - Navigering mellan konkurrerande markanvändning och kumulativa effekter. Rapport 6908. Naturvårdsverket

Larsen, R. K., Österlin, C. & Guia, L. Do voluntary corporate actions improve cumulative effects assessment? Mining companies’ performance on Sami lands. Extr. Ind. Soc. (2018). doi:10.1016/j.exis.2018.04.003

Larsen, R. K., Raitio, K., Sandström, P., Skarin, A., Stinnerbom, M., Wik-Karlsson, J., Sandström, S., Österlin, C., Buhot, Y. Kumulativa effekter av exploateringar på renskötseln Kumulativa effekter av exploateringar på renskötseln – vad behöver göras inom tillståndsprocesser? (Naturvårdsverket, 2016).

Österlin, C., Skarin, A., Buhot, Y., Sandström, P. 2017. Exploatering i Semisjaur Njarg och dess påverkan på betestillgång. Published by Swedish Reindeer Herding Association.

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