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Christoph HumborgProfessor

Om mig

I am a Professor of Coastal Biogeochemistry and Scientific Director of the Baltic Sea Centre, Stockholm University, Sweden. One main research focus deals with eutrophication issues of the Baltic Sea and its catchment. We address nutrient pathways in various watersheds and estuaries of the Baltic, investigate large scale phosphorus and oxygen dynamics in the Baltic Sea and estimate the environmental status of the Baltic. Our team was involved in the formulation of the Baltic Sea Action Plan. 

Moreover, I am involved in international studies on carbon dynamics in high latitude watersheds and estuaries and along the entire Siberian Shelf with focus on riverine carbon transports, water column carbon dynamics and GHG emissions. A further focus area on this issues are the coastal water around Askö Field Station in Sweden and Tvärminne Zoological station in Finland. A main objective of these studies is to quantify how spatio-temporal variations in marine biodiversity and environmental drivers regulate biogeochemical cycling and contribute to carbon capture, recycling and atmospheric feedbacks/exchange.