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Christophe Marcel Victor ClementProfessor

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Professor of elementary particle physics at Stockholm University

Responsible for the master programme in physics and Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies from July 2022.

Member of ATLAS Collaboration

My research focus is search for beyond the standard model physics that may be connected to the Higgs mass hierarchy, Dark Matter, Baryogenesis and other outstanding questions. It is striking that these questions emerged in the same era and hard to believe that they all have separate answers. This is the guiding principle behind the research topics and physics analyses I carry out, from new Higgs particles, to search for extra dimensions, dark matter particle production or supersymmetry.

I was earlier project leader for the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter High Luminosity Upgrade, a project that gathers 14 universities and institutes. The Tile Calorimeter of ATLAS is crucial for the whole ATLAS physics programme and plays an absolutely central role when looking for new physics such as dark matter particles and beyond the standard model Higgs particles with ATLAS.

Past responsibilities: ATLAS run coordinator, chair and member of several ATLAS task forces, Editorial boards, convener of ATLAS Jet and Missing Energy working group, contact editor and analysis responsible for multiple data analysis papers since the start of ATLAS data taking.