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Arbetar vid Fysikum
Telefon 08-553 787 69
Besöksadress Roslagstullsbacken 21 A, plan 5
Rum C4:3057
Postadress Stockholms universitet, Fysikum 106 91 Stockholm


I teach a few different courses. This term:

FK8006 Statitistical Methods in Physics

I am also responsible for "Forskargrenen"


My group  and I work mainly on astrophysical searches for particle dark matter, with gamma-ray telescopes on satellites (like the Fermi Large Area Telescope) and on ground (like H.E.S.S.) or in deep underground experiments (XENON). More details and links can be found on the group page - see to the right.

Statistical issues pertinent to dark matter searches are particularly close to my heart, which is why I currently collaborate with cosmologists and statisticians at Imperial College London, where I am a guest professor in the mathematics department since 2015. 

I have been  working with the AMANDA/IceCube neutrino telescope (1999-2003),  at CERN with the ALICE detector (2004-2005) and for a shorter period with the PAMELA (2006/07) cosmic-ray experiment.


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