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Om mig

Eva Svärdemo Åberg holds a PhD in Education and is a senior lecturer at the Department of Education at Stockholm University. Her main research focuses on design for learning, communication, writing in higher education, assessment practices and cultures of recognitions and multimodal analysis in educational communication. Eva Svärdemo Åberg is a member of Multimodal analysis of interaction and learning research group and also a member of the editorial board of the on-line journal Designs for learning. 

New publications

Svärdemo Åberg, Eva., & Åkerfedt, Anna (2017). Design and recognition of multimodal texts – selection of digital tools and modes in the basis of social and material premises? I Journal of Computers in Education. Vol 4. Issue 3, s 283-306. DOI: 10.1007/s40692-017-0088-3​

Svärdemo Åberg, Eva., & Insulander, Eva (2017). Challenges in working with Pedagogical Quality in Preschools - a Meta-Interpretation Synthesis of Empirical Studies. I Early Child development and Care. DOI: 10.1080/03004430.2017.1321542​

Svärdemo Åberg, Eva (2017). Uppsatser i lärarutbildningen. En studie av representationer av vetenskapligt förhållningssätt. I Insulander Eva, Lindstrand Fredrik, Kjällander Susanne & Åkerfeldt Anna (red) Didaktik i omvandlingens tid. Stockholm. Liber.


I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas
  • 2017. Eva Svärdemo Åberg, Eva Insulander. Early Child Development and Care

    This article presents a meta-interpretative synthesis of contrasting research studies about methodological and theoretical challenges for Swedish preschool teachers in systematic quality development work. The first challenge involves an awareness of producing documentation from different levels of preschool work. The second challenge concerns critical reflection of multi-documentation. The third challenge focuses on an awareness of theoretical approaches which can allow a deeper understanding of quality within preschool work. This article proposes that, even if there are tensions and epistemologically different interests in many of the methods of evaluation used in preschools today, there is a need for comprehensive methods and recurring reflections that places preschools’ pedagogical work in an ongoing process of developing quality.

  • 2016. Eva Svärdemo Åberg (et al.). The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology - TOJET 15 (1), 33-42

    Academic writing skills are crucial when students, e.g., in teacher education programs, write their undergraduate theses. A multi-modal web-based and self-regulated learning resource on academic writing was developed, using texts, hypertext, moving images, podcasts and templates. A study, using surveys and a focus group, showed that students used the learning resource on numerous occasions, a resource reachable outside in-person mentor sessions. Students declared that the resources had been important for finishing their degree projects. Mentors highlighted structure, multidisciplinary overview and linking possibilities. Using digital learning resources supporting students' academic writing is doubtless a developmental area in higher education.

    Keywords: academic writing; undergraduate thesis; digital resources; higher education; multimodal design.

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