Filip Roumeliotis

Filip Roumeliotis


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Om mig

I have previously worked at the Centre for alcohol and drug research, SoRAD (2010-2017). There I worked on several projects, covering topics such as young women's views on alcohol, media presentations on women’s drinking between the years 1955-2010 and the interaction of conceptions of masculinities and drinking. In addition to this, I have participated in the European comparative projects "AMPHORA" and "Second Multi-City Study on Quantities and Financing of Illicit Drug Consumption – QUAF2".


In my dissertation project I studied the assemblage of political and scientific practices within which drugs emerge as a problematic during the period 1980-2014. The study specifically focused on the changing ways in which drug prevention has been conceptualized during this period with an eye on the ideological closure that specific problematizations of drugs exert on the political discourse on drugs, notably the shift towards "evidence based" policy making.

The dissertation can be found here.

I am currently working on a project on the changing conceptions of democracy and drug users possibilities to participate in political processes.


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