Peter Hambäck

Peter Hambäck


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Arbetar vid Institutionen för ekologi miljö och botanik
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Postadress Institutionen för ekologi miljö och botanik 106 91 Stockholm


  • The role of spatial heterogeneity for species interactions, particularly between plants and herbivorous insects.
  • Insect search behaviour, particularly olfactory search.
  • Coevolution in host-parasitoid systems.
  • Ecological immunology.
  • Shore-line ecology, and the effect of marine on terrestrial systems.
  • Stable isotopes and their use in ecological research.
  • Spider ecology.
  • Genomic tools for diet analysis

Research projects

PhD-students (current and previous)


Alma Strandmark, ”Effects of climate induced sea-level changes on coastal ecosystems: plants and arthropods”

Thomas Verschut, "Searching for food in complex environments: Integrating processes at multiple spatial scales"

Xuyue Yang, "Coevolution and molecular background of species interactions in geographic mosaics"


Ulrika Samnegård (coadvisor, main advisor: Kristoffer Hylander), Dissertation 2016-04-01, on "Ecosystem services and disservices on home grown coffee along land-use gradients in Ethiopia: pollination and pest damage"

Lisa Fors, Dissertation 2015-05-08, on “Coevolution in a tritrophic systems: from purple loosestrife to natural enemies"

Lina Lehndal (coadvisor, main advisor: Jon Ågren), Dissertation 2015-05-08, on “Effects of herbivory on population dynamics and evolution of resistance in purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria L.)”

Debissa Lemessa (coadvisor, main advisor: Kristoffer Hylander), Dissertation 2014-06-05, on “Pests and pest controlling organisms across tropical agroecological land-scapes in relation to forest and tree cover”.

Petter Andersson (main advisor), Dissertation: 2011-10-27, on “The importance of search behavior for spatial distributions of herbivorous insects”

Gundula Kolb (main advisor), Dissertation: 2010-11-05, on “The impact of cormorant nesting colonies on plants and arthropods“

Kajsa Mellbrand (main advisor), Dissertation: 2009-06-05, on “The Spider and the Sea: Effects of marine subsidies on the role of spiders in terrestrial food webs“

Hannah Östergård (coadvisor, main advisor: Johan Ehrlén), Dissertation: 2008-05-30, on “Plant-seed predator interactions – ecological and evolutionary aspects”

Maria Björkman (coadvisor, main advisor: Birgitta Rämert), Dissertation: 2007-12-13, on “Effects of intercropping on the life cycle of the turnip root fly (Delia floralis)”

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