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Torsten PerssonProfessor i nationalekonomi

Om mig

Jag är professor vid IIES.

Forskningsområden: Fokus på politisk ekonomi. Särskilt politiskt urval och utveckling - tvåvägsrelationerna mellan institutioner, kultur och prestationer. Jag forskar även om covid-19-pandemin och dess konsekvenser.



I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas

  • Is Inequality Harmful for Growth?

    1993. Torsten Persson, Guido Tabellini.


    Is inequality harmful for growth? We suggest that it is. In a society where distributional conflict is important, political decisions produce economic policies that tax investment and growth promoting activities in order to redistribute income. The paper formulates a theoretical model that captures this idea. The model implications are supported by the evidence. Both historical panel data and post-war cross sectionc indicate a significant and large negative relation between inequality and growth. This relation is only present in democracies.

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