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Om mig

I am a PhD student at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI). I hold an MSc in Economic Analysis from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Before I joined SOFI, I worked at the Institute of Economics of the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (CERS IE Hungarian Academy of Sciences), participating in projects of the Education and Labour Economics research group.


I am a member of the Level of Living research group at SOFI and a participant in the MINQ project (Interlocking inequalities: A multidimensional perspective on inequality in contemporary Sweden) led by Carina Mood. The research consists mainly of econometric analysis of micro-level data and addresses diverse perspectives on inequalities (eg. poverty; unequal access to education or healthcare) in both the Swedish context and in international comparison. 

My PhD research mainly focuses on educational inequalities, heterogenous peer effects, and the role of non-cognitive skills in educational outcomes.

Besides, I am affiliated to CERS IE as a researcher in the project NKFIH K-124396 (‘How social gap in non-cognitive skills predict inequalities in education – an exploratory study’). This is an experimental economics project in the cross-section of behavioral economics, sociology and psychology.

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