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165 artikel You and I [...] IVIP

Ny artikel/new article (IVIP). You and I in Sweden-Swedish and Finland-Swedish supervision meetings

Published in Pluricentric Languages: New Perspectives in Theory and Description (2015). Paper from 3rd International Conference on Non-Dominant Varieties of Pluricentric Languages in 2014.

Folkmålsstudier 53 2015

Ny artikel/new article (IVIP). Att dela språk men inte samtalsmönster [...]

Att dela språk men inte samtalsmönster: Återkoppling i sverigesvenska och finlandssvenska handledningssamtal. (Sharing language but not communicative patterns: Feedback in Sweden-Swedish and Finland-Swedish academic counselling interaction.) Artikeln är publicerad inom projektet Interaktion och variation i pluricentriska språk (IVIP).

Journal of Pragmatics omslag

Ny artikel/new article (IVIP). Interpersonal relationships in medical consultations [...]

Interpersonal relationships in medical consultations. Comparing Sweden Swedish and Finland Swedish Address Practices. Artikeln är publicerad inom projektet Interaktion och variation i pluricentriska språk (IVIP).

Contact for PhD students. Editor Acta and Mins series

Professor Cecilia Falk

Cecilia Falk.

Room: D 654
Tel: +46 8 16 23 92
Fax: +46 8 15 85 33

Editing and printing (Acta and Mins series)

Information co-ordinator Pia Nordin

Pia Nordin. Foto: Privat

Room: D 698
Tel: +46 8 16 31 42
Fax: +46 8 15 85 33

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