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Here you will find information about the e-meeting service Zoom, about examination rules and regulations, the student council SISOFS, our environment and working environment, the survey tool Survey & Report, lunch and fika venues on campus Frescati, the university's profile products and our social media.


Distance and campus teaching at the department. FAQ

Teaching and examinations at the department mainly take place according to the regular form on campus.

More about teaching at the Department during the pandemic

Our teachers use the e-meeting service Zoom for lectures and seminars. Familiarize yourself with Zoom before it's time for your first teaching opportunity. Zoom is free of charge for you who are admitted at Stockholm University.

About Zoom (the Service Portal)


Rules and regulations

Stockholm University is a public authority. This means that we must comply with a wide range of laws and ordinances when handling various matters. The University’s research and education are governed by, for example, the Higher Education Act, the Higher Education Ordinance, copyright regulations, confidentiality laws, and contract laws.


It is important that students and employees are familiar with the University’s regulations concerning education and examinations, as well as the regulations concerning disci-plinary matters and measures in the Higher Education Ordinance.

Rules and regulations at the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism, pdf in Swedish: Examinationsregler > Läs igenom våra examinationsregler

Governing Documents at Stockholm University – Education

Governing Documents at Stockholm University – Rules & Regulations

Disciplinary measures can be taken against students who:

  • with forbidden means of assistance or in any other way try to deceive in exams or when another study achievement is to be evaluated
  • disturb or prevent instruction, exams or other activities within the framework of education at the university
  • disturb or prevent activities in the university library or on any other special premises at the university.

Certain forms of cheating, for example forgery of documents or false certification, fall under the penal code and can thus lead to criminal charges.

See chapter 10 § 1 in the Higher Education Ordinance

All students at Stockholm University are entitled to equal treatment and respect irrespective of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.

If a student subjects another student or an employee at the university to harassment (for example sexual harassment or harassment due to religion, sex, ethnicity or disability), disciplinary measures shall be taken against this student.

Disciplinary measures must be taken no longer than two years after the offence has been committed.

Equal treatment of students

Stockholm University Student Union's (SUS) Ombud work to strengthen and ensure student governance, student rights and legal certainty at Stockholm University.

SUS’ Ombud – your support in study-related issues

Stockholm University Student Union (SUS)


The Student council SISOFS

The Student council of the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism is called SISOFS. In Swedish: Studentrådet för Institutionen för svenska och flerspråkighet.

We are here to help you voice your opinions and effect change at the department. We hope that you will continue to help us help you. Feel free to come to our monthly meetings.

The Student council SISOFS' Swedish site: Studentrådet SISOFS


If you become ill or have an accident

If you become ill, there are several agencies you need to contact: your teacher(s), the study counsellor, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and possibly CSN. You can get medical and psychiatric advice from Stockholm Student Health.

If you have an incident, work injury or illness, please see the University's main site:

In an emergency > Incident reporting

If you become ill, you need to contact:

The teacher

In some courses we have compulsory attendance. Therefore, it is a good idea to notify your teacher if you become ill, before the seminar.


The Study counsellor

You need to report longer sick leave to the Study counsellor, see Contact further down on this page.

Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Agency)

Also remember to report illness to Försäkringskassan.


CSN: Centrala studiestödsnämnden (The Swedish Board of Student Finance)

Check with CSN what applies if you have a student grant and / or student loan.


Studenthälsan (Stockholm Student Health Services)

You can get medical and psychological counseling from Studenthälsan.

Stockholm Student Health Services

SAMIR: Reporting system for reporting crimes, incidents, occupational injury, occupational disease and environmental deviations.

Report crime and accidents in SAMIR

SAMIR - Report of safety deviation

SAMIR - Report to the police

SAMIR - Incident/work injury

SAMIR - Environmental threats

Security and emergency at Stockholm University



Thesis and survey tool Survey&Report

Are you about to write an essay? Then you may need access to an essay template in Word. Maybe you want to do a survey? Then there is a tool for that.


When it is time to write an essay, you need access to an essay template in Word, you may need Word tips, and after the essay is approved, you can register and upload it to the publication database DiVA. You may want to read essays others have written.

Essay template – in Swedish only: Uppsatsmall och Word-tips

During your studies (Stockholm University Library)

Quick DiVA Reference for students (1593 Kb)

Survey&Report is a survey tool for collecting data, available to students and employees at Stockholm University. For example you can use it for surveys when writing an essay. Just log in with your University Account.

Support in Serviceportalen for Survey&Report



Lunch and fika venues

During the current corona pandemic, a few cafes, restaurants and shops are open on the Frescati campus.

Closest to Building D (Södra huset) where we have our premises, you will find Caffe Prego, next to the Stockholm University Library.


Buy profile products in the Webshop

Notebooks, hoodie, hat, umbrella. Photo: Stickan Kenne
Photo: Stickan Kenne

In Stockholm University's webshop, you can buy profile products.



Svefler on Social media

The Department is present on Social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism (Svefler)


Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies (TÖI)


Bachelor's Programme in Sign Language and Interpreting


Student council SISOFS


Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies (TÖI)


Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism (Svefler)





Contact: Course administrators, Study counsellors, Directors of studies, Environment and Working environment (See below as well.)

Finding your way on Stockholm University campus

How to find us: Rooms and Maps

Maps, Transportation and Accessible entrances

Opening hours

Stockholm Student Health Services

Stockholm University Student Union (SUS)

Studenthuset and Infocenter (SU) about Student services and support

The Departments's Student council SISOFS' Swedish site: Studentrådet SISOFS

Environmental representative
Representative for Equal Treatment for Students
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