Third cycle studies

The Department offers third cycle studies (Doctoral studies) within two doctoral programs Asian Languages and Cultures and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures. Both programs consist of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary area studies, and are characterised in that a substantial part of the material consists of both primary and secondary sources in the source language determined by the thesis project.

General information

Dcotoral studies in Asian languages and cultures consists of area studies with the focus on one or more of the main language and culture areas Japan, China and Korea. Dcotoral studies in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures consists of area studies with the focus on one or more of the main language and culture areas in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey
Regardless of the doctoral program (Asia or Middle East), the aims are to give the students:
    •    deeper and broader knowledge of the subjects
    •    greatly improved language skills
    •    deeper insights into the theory of general linguistics, discourse and comparative literature
    •    very good insight into the theory and methods relevant to the dissertation topic’s research field
    •    the ability to carry out independent and scientific work
    •    the ability to present in written and oral form the particular research field
The aim of the education is to provide training in theory, methods and subject matter so that finally the holder of a PhD will be able to carry out scientific research and in other ways make high-quality contributions in various fields of professional life such as teaching, administration, the cultural sector, business life, the mass media and publishing. Doctoral studies at the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies is lively and has a very high standard. Our 10 or so Doctoral students do advanced research work and form an important part of the Department’s overall research results. Read more about announcements and admission, study programs and the like on the left. Information about the application itself is provided by the Director of Doctoral Studies: Mitsuyo Kuwano Lidén, phone: +46 (0)8 16 24 96, email:

Departmental duties

It is possible for Doctoral students to take part in the Department’s activities for 20 per cent of their employment. In that case, employment can be extended from four to five years. This may take the form either of administration or of teaching. Each Doctoral student will come to an agreement with the Department’s Director of Doctotal Studies and the supervisor as to the type of employment that will be decided. More info in the General Study Plan (Sw. “ASP”).