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At DBB, we offer teaching covering a wide range of topics within the field of biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics and neurochemistry all the way up to postgraduate level.

We have a broad selection of specialized courses held in English that can be taken both as freestanding courses or as part of one of our Master's programmes.

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More than 30 research groups are active at the department, and the research spans biochemistry, biochemistry with a focus on bioinformatics, biophysics, cell biology and neurochemistry. Concrete examples of research areas are mitochondria, protein biogenesis, protein structure and function, protein folding, advanced spectroscopy and lipid biosynthesis and function, energy conversions, DNA/RNA/PNA interactions, nitrogen fixation, enzyme catalysis, protein structures and their diseases, neurotoxicity, cell signalling in neuronal cells, structural biology, computational biology, and development of theoretical calculations.

The research is often conducted in collaboration with other research groups, both nationally and internationally.

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Strong connection with current research and dedicated teachers

Our teachers are active researchers, a guarantee that the teaching is always updated with the latest research findings. The teachers are often professors with deep knowledge and a great commitment to the subject.



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