Become a researcher

Are you a curious person who’s driven to learn and know more? Do you thrive in the university environment? PhD studies give you the opportunity to ask questions, find answers and start to understand a subject to its core. Choose doctoral studies at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and be part of the future in your field.

There are four different areas of research at the department - biochemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics and neurochemistry.

Stockholm University is a leading research university that conducts basic independent research and applied research in the human and natural sciences. Our research produces internationally recognised scientific breakthroughs.

Doctoral studies take four years and result in a PhD, the highest academic degree in Sweden. There is also a two-year research study program which ends in a degree of licentiate.

As a doctoral student, you are steeped in the scientific method. In short, you learn to think critically and analytically, choose the correct method to solve problems independently, and deepen your understanding of research ethics.

Doctoral studies give you competence in independently conducting research, a deep understanding of the subject area, and the ability to communicate knowledge and create the conditions for teaching others.

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