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The research subjects at DBB span across a broad range of topics covering various aspects of structure and function of biological systems.

A majority of these subjects is centered on biological membranes. The combination of the highly interdisciplinary expertise and research projects at the Departments is unique in Sweden and also at an international level. This expertise ranges across cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics and theory. Some specific topics that are addressed include membrane protein biogenesis, membrane protein topology & assembly, mitochondria & chloroplasts, protein structure & function, protein folding & trafficing, lipid biosynthesis & function, energy conversion, DNA-RNA-PNA interactions, biological nitrogen fixation, viral membrane glycoproteins, protein structure & disease, bioinformatics, computational structural biology and development of theoretical tools.

The experimental studies are performed in different organisms and are also combined with the use of a wide range of advanced biochemical and biophysical techniques.

Science for Life Laboratory, where many of our researchers are based, is also closely linked to the Department.

Science for Life Laboratory

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Research subjects

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