Meet Shengnan Han, new professor in computer and systems sciences

AI should be inclusive, ethical and beneficial for all. This is not the case today, but Shengnan Han is working towards this goal. Meet the most recently appointed professor at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV).

Portrait photo of professor Shengnan Han, DSV, Stockholm University.
Professor Shengnan Han specialises in information systems. Photo: Carina Bergholm.

On May 23, 2024, Shengnan Han was appointed Professor in Computer and Systems Sciences (specialising in information systems) at Stockholm University.

“This marks a significant milestone in my academic career, reflecting my dedication and achievements over many years. This achievement brings me great satisfaction”, says Shengnan Han.

She earned her doctoral degree in Economics with a major in information systems from Åbo Akademi University, Finland, in 2005. Three years later, she was appointed Docent in information systems at the same university.

“I joined DSV in November 2011. In 2014, I was appointed Docent in Computer and Systems Sciences here at Stockholm University.”

As noteworthy contributions to the field, Shengnan Han mentions her engagement in the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS). In 2019, she was on the organising committee that brought the conference to Stockholm. 

“ECIS is a leading international conference in information systems research. I further distinguished myself by taking the role of program co-chair for ECIS 2023”, explains Shengnan Han.

I study how AI can be designed and implemented in alignment with human values

In her research, she focuses on digital transformation and how new technologies, such as mobile technologies, social media, and artificial intelligence (AI), affect individuals, organisations and society.

“I study how AI can be designed and implemented in alignment with human values. I also research the role of AI in the public sector, with a focus on AI integration and the governance of automation.”

“In a current research project funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR), I examine the societal impacts of digital practices and their transformation within rural areas. Additionally, I collaborate with AI Sweden on a digital government transformation project, exploring how AI assistants can be implemented and utilised within public organisations”, says Shengnan Han.

My ultimate goal reaches beyond research

As a new professor in the field of information systems, she sees ample opportunities to make a difference.

“In the coming years, my research will prioritise impactful publications in top information systems journals. The focus will shift towards AI’s societal impact, combining empirical and case studies. Collaboration with interdisciplinary teams will ensure a comprehensive perspective on this complex issue. I also aim to strengthen international research ties, fostering a global knowledge exchange in this rapidly evolving field.”

“I strive to contribute significantly to digital transformation and governance research, a core research area at DSV. My ultimate goal reaches beyond research. I aspire to shape a future where AI and digital technologies empower society. My work will be dedicated to ensuring these technologies are inclusive, ethical, and beneficial for all”, says professor Shengnan Han.

Text: Åse Karlén