Matthew Wallace appointed Docent in Demography

SUDA congratulates Matt Wallace for his appointment as Docent in Demography at Stockholm University.

Matthew Wallace.
Matthew Wallace. Photo: Leila Zoubir/Stockholm University

The level is equivalent to that of an Associate Professor. The distinction is based on Matts research output with focus on mortality patterns among immigrants, a topic that is also manifested in two new Stockholm Research Reports in Demography:

  • SRRD 2021:19 Matthew Wallace Mortality advantage reversed: The causes of death driving all-cause mortality differentials between migrants, the descendants of migrants and ancestral natives in Sweden, 1997-2016
  • SRRD 2021:20 Matthew Wallace, Michael Thomas, José Manuel Aburto, Anna Vera Jørring Pallesen, Laust Hvas Mortensen, Astri Syse, Sven Drefahl. The impact of the mortality of international migrants on estimates and comparisons of national life expectancy: A comparative study of four Nordic nations

Read more about Matthew Wallace's research here!

The article was published 2021-06-14