The Department of Sociology is overseen by a board. The board is chaired by the Head of department and decides on strategic and policy matters, curricula’s and course literature.

The executive responsibility for the work at the department is carried out by the Head of the Department (Michael Gähler) and the Deputy Head of the Department (Anna Lund). The Head of the Department is assisted by, the administrative manager (Thomas Nordgren), the director of studies for undergraduate and master level (Peter Åkerbäck), the director of graduate studies (Sunnee Billingsley) and the assistant director of studies of undergraduate and master level (Anna Borén) and the assistant director of studies at first, second and PhD level (Anna-Carin Haag).

The Department board makes decisions on strategic matters, operational guidelines, course syllabi, course readings, admission of PhD students, and appointments of permanent staff.

The Department board meets once a month.



Michael Gähler (Chair)
Anna Lund (Vice-chairman)


Anna-Carin Haag

Faculty representatives

Gunnar Andersson
Sunnee Billingsley
Sven Drefahl
Ann-Zofie Duvander
Eleonora Mussino 
Andrea Voyer
Hernan Mondani (deputy)
Livia Oláh (deputy)
Jens Rydgren (deputy)

Representatives of administrative and technical staff

Peter Åkerbäck
Maria Lind (deputy)
Representatives of related research institutes (SCORE, SOFI)
Mikaela Sundberg 
Tomas Korpi (deputy)

Doctoral students representatives

Maxim Kan
Signe Svallfors (deputy)

Undergraduate student representatives

Ely Strömberg
Erica Magnell
Isabella Råhlén (deputy) 

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