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Rozália Kapás

About me

I am a PhD student at the Landscape, Environemt and Geomatics unit and studying semi-natural grasslands with the supervision of Prof. Sara Cousins and funded by The Oscar and Lili Lamm Memorial Foundation.


I teach/assist both on undergraduate (GE2020, GE4023 ) and graduate levels (GE7088, GE7081, GE8030), mainly in landscape ecolgy and GIS related subjects.


My PhD research focuses on how the plant species disperse among fragmented areas in rural landscape of Sweden. More specifically, I am looking at the role of the grazing animals and seed bank in the vegetation dynamics of semi-natural grasslands.

This research utilizes both inventory of the plant species and experimental set-up in different semi-natural grasslands. The overall aim is to determine how traditional management and land-use changes affect the plant diversity in grasslands.

The result of the first project from the Stockholm archipelago can be found here and a short summary of second one here (coming soon).