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Lithuanian Language Proficiency III

The course covers Lithuanian grammar corresponding to the CEFRL level A2.1, and provides both theoretical knowledge about the Lithuanian language and practical language skills for oral and written everyday communication.

  • Course structure

    Instruction consists of lectures and seminars. Compulsory course requirements: participation in discussions and seminars on campus or online via the university teaching platform or other online channel. Assignment submission deadlines are a compulsory part of the course. Completion of the compulsory assignments are obligatory in order to participate in subsequent examinations.

    The language of instruction is English.

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of the course the student will have shown an ability to

    • identify and analyze grammatical structures in Lithuanian texts corresponding to the CEFRL level A2.1
    • translate texts to Lithuanian, with the use of aids, corresponding to the CEFRL level A2.1
    • carry on a conversation in Lithuanian in everyday situations
    • express oneself in writing in Lithuanian in everyday situations

    Teaching format

    Instruction takes place on-line or on campus according to each respective course instance.

    More detailed information can be found in the course description. The course description is available a month before the start of the course at the latest.


    Kursen examineras genom inlämningsuppgifter och deltagande i diskussioner och seminarier. Löpande examination sker genom en skriftlig inlämningsuppgift i samband med respektive seminarietillfälle. Principerna för sammanvägning av de enskilda examinationsuppgifterna framgår av betygskriterierna.

    Examination sker på engelska.

    För mer detaljerad information hänvisas till kursbeskrivningen. Kursbeskrivningen finns tillgänglig senast en månad före kursstart.


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