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Execution - Running Your Own Company

The course focuses on supporting you in your decisions and other action in the new business venture. It is assumed that you will formulate a business idea to be realized, and have a genuine interest in potentially pursuing this business idea. The course is given in English.

The outline of the course is built on experience from active entrepreneurs and follows the typical stages in a new venture, starting with the evaluation and refinement of the existing business idea, moving on to resourcing (venture capital supply, internal resources, bootstrapping), market and communication plans. The course will focus on

- Strategy (W hat?) – i.e. analyzing the market potential, formulating a business proposition, formulating the necessary steps to getting started

- People (Who?) – i.e. entrepreneurial team, recruitment and motivation

- Operational work (Let’s do it!) – i.e. management/culture, sales/marketing, product/service development

Theoretically, the course connects to the opportunity-based models of entrepreneurship and business creation, as well as to a contextual approach to entrepreneurship (i.e. the idea that the character of the venture creation process is dependent on the type of industry, country, social and economic situation surrounding the new venture, biotechnology, creative industries, finance or environmental technology sectors).

Students will be encouraged to "take action" and "step into reality" -.i.e. engage and talk to practicing entrepreneur in various areas, formulate a credible business idea and test the actual potential of this.

Further course information will appear soon on this page. Until then, information can be found on the department website.