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Critical Steps in the Evolution of Earth and life

  • 7.5 credits

The concept Earth System Science is introduced. This is followed by some critical events in the evolution of Earth and life.

prehistoric scene

Among these are theories about the origin of life, the Cambrian explosion, how life conquered the continents, and the five big mass extinctions. The course ends with climate history, how climates changed from a warm greenhouse world to the present icehouse world that began 34 million years ago.

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  • Course structure


    is based on a written/oral assessment at the end of the course. Assessment criteria are:

    A = Excellent
    B = Very good
    C = Good
    D = Satisfactory
    E = Sufficient
    Fx = Insufficient
    F = Entirely insufficient

    The assessment criteria will be outlined at the start of the course. To pass the course, a minimum grade E is necessary.

  • Course literature

    Note that the course literature can be changed up to two months before the start of the course.

    Web based lectures + Steven M Stanley: Earth System History, 4th Edition, W.H. Freeman, 2014. ISBN 1429255269, 9781429255264.

  • Contact

    Helen CoxallSenior lecturer, Marine micropaleontology
    Helen Coxall
    +46 (0)8 674 78 58 | Room: R233


    Margret SteinthorsdottirMargret Steinthorsdottir
    Swedish Museum of Natural History affiliated with Department of Geological Sciences (IGV)