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Intercultural Pragmatics

The course presents both international and Swedish research on intercultural and cross-cultural communication with an emphasis on pragmatic aspects related to the learning and use of second languages in Sweden and other parts of the world.

The course provides tools to conduct analyses of pragmatic patterns and conversational strategies in encounters across linguistic and cultural boundaries, both in institutional and in everyday settings. The focus is on spoken communication, with special attention to both verbal and nonverbal strategies in the interaction.

The course offers a comparison of different theoretical and methodological approaches as well as their application within different research traditions studying intercultural communication. The course literature presents intercultural and cross-cultural pragmatics from a critical perspective focusing on the dynamics in a multicultural and multilingual society.

The knowledge this course aims to provide is relevant for anyone with an interest for intercultural and cross-cultural communication, as well for those who meet speakers of Swedish as a second language in their profession, especially in school and education, but also in other administrative institutions and social organizations.

The course previously had the code NS7031.