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Master's programme in public health sciences: societal perspectives

Do you want to know more about what influences people's health? Public health sciences encompass many different perspectives. Our courses on public health and its determinants are firmly rooted in the social sciences.

If you study with us, you will learn about the distribution of (poor) health across different groups in society; what it looks like today but also what it looked like in the past. You will learn more about social and societal structures and how these, through the interplay with individual characteristics, may influence people's habits and living conditions. We go deeper into the ways in which health and disease develop throughout the life course, from childhood to old age. You will also get to know more about how public health policy and practice has developed over time, at both the regional and global levels, as well as gain insights into different measures taken to prevent disease and promote health.

Societal perspectives on public health

The programme offers two tracks during the third term. The track "Societal perspectives on public health" includes courses that reflect sociological and demographic topics such as population development, social change, welfare states, social and public health policy, as well as global health.

You will find information on the track "Individual perspectives on public health" here:

Master's programme in Public Health Sciences: Individual perspectives

The subject of public health sciences is the perfect choice for those wanting a social science education in order to work with, for example, investigations and preventive measures in municipalities and regions, strategic public health work in governmental agencies and the private sector, issues related to health and health care, as well as international aid.

As a public health scientist, you can work with municipalities, regions, governmental agencies, organisations, and companies, both in Sweden and internationally.