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Psychology II – course package

  • 30 credits

The course comprises a number of modules, each 7,5 credits, of which Scientific Methods and Statistics, 7,5 credits, is obligatory. Students are required to choose 3 other course modules. Admission to the modules may be limited. The choice of courses is made on the department website a week or two before the start of the semester.

Psychology II is the second semester of studying psychology as a bachelor subject. It is also included as the fifth semester on the Bachelor's Programme in Personnel, Work and Organization, 180 credits.

You will need Psychology I, 30 credits with a minimum of 22.5 credits completed, or equivalent, to be eligible.

This course is mainly taught in Swedish - one or two modules will be taught in English - so you will find more information on the Swedish version of this page. For instance, there are links to the most recent versions of the course syllabus for each module.