Do you have questions that you can't find the answers to here on the web? This page provides tips on who you can turn to. If you do not know whom to ask, feel free to begin with the Student office or our Study councellors. Further down you can also find contact details for our International coordinator and links to other education contact resources.


Student administration

Contact the Student affairs office if you have questions about registration, schedules, examination papers and results, course literature, transcripts, certificates or other administrative questions concerning your studies.

Please include your personal details and which course you are taking in any written contact. This will help us help you.

Student affairs office
Student office - Bachelor's level
Student office - Master's level
Student office - Master of Psychology/Psychologist Programme
Student office - Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy
Student office - Speech therapist's programme
Student Office - Clinical Neuropsychology
Student Office - PhD level

Study councellors

The study counsellors support students in dealing with various matters relating to admission requirements, evaluation of courses from other universities and other countries, certain regulations, issues concerning courses, education plans, questions about the labor market and more.

Please note that you must choose if you want an office appointment at the department or an appointment by phone on the first page.

Please use our online booking for your appointments*

* Career- and guidance counselling for master's level or higher: Appointments by phone and at the department are booked by sending an e-mail with your request to Please provide contact information.

Study councellor - Bachelor's level
Study councellor - Master's level
Study councellor - Master of Psychology/Psychologist programme
Study Councellor - Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy

International coordinator

Do you want to know more about studying abroad or engage in a student exchange? Or maybe you are an incoming student and need some extra information?

Start by reading our pages Studying abroad or Incoming exchange students and then contact our international coordinator for further guidance, information and help in the process.

Book a time for counselling by phone or at the department by sending an e-mail to the address below. Please provide contact information.

International coordinator


If you need to come in contact with your teachers, you should normally do so in our learning platform Athena.


If you are not yet on a course that you would like some specific information about you can find the course leader's e-mail on the course page.

University course catalogue

In this list you will also find our teachers, heads of studies, professors, researchers etc.

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