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Are you interested in other countries and want to have an enriching experience? Take the opportunity to study part of your education abroad!

Studenter i en stadsallé.

You can choose between different options of student exchanges, and various lengths of stays abroad. A student exchange means that two universities exchange students between them, thus there are no additional student fees. There is also a possibility to receive a scholarship if you do your exchange within a program such as Erasmus+.

The Department of Psychology collaborates with universities across Europe, and there are also central agreements with educational institutions both within and outside Europe. Please note that the application process differs between the two.

See below for previous students' exchange experiences. And be inspired.


Current opportunities

Call for departmental agreements for exchange studies during the 2025 spring semester is open between 15 August and 15 September 2024.

Information meeting in Zoom about this call is offered on Tuesday, 14 May, 14:00–15:00. Recommended if you are thinking about studying abroad. Zoom-link:

Contact the international coordinator at the Department of Psychology if you have any questions about forthcoming opportunities:

Explore the full database

Agreement portal

Department of Psychology agreements


Central agreements

Calls for application

Internships within Europe through Erasmus+

Read more about internships, terms and conditions and more:

Internships abroad through Erasmus+

Modern Valencia, Spain. Photo: Theres Arnosdotter
Photo: Theres Arnosdotter

There are practical things to plan and implement before, during and after your exchange. We recommend that you participate in the regular information meetings for guidance. You will also be sent an information email once you have submitted your application to You must apply at least one semester in advance for exchanges within Europe.

There are two steps in the application. First you need to apply to be nominated for one of the Department of Psychology’s exchange places (see below). Once you have been nominated, you can apply directly to the partner university.

Applying for an exchange outside of Europe must take place at least one year in advance.

Apply for nomination via central agreements

  1. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements below.
  2. Complete the form  Application for nomination to exchange studies (57 Kb)  (Word), and include transcripts and certificates and a personal letter:  Personal letter (123 Kb)  (Word)
  3. For preliminary course selection: Base your choices on the course range available on the partner university department's website. Please note that this course selection is preliminary. If you are nominated, it can be adjusted when you submit your final application to the partner university.
  4. There are various things you need to keep in mind to be able to transfer your credits from the partner university depending on your final degree. If you have any questions about your course selection and credit transfer, contact
  5. Email your application to

To be able to apply for an exchange via the Department of Psychology’s Erasmus+ agreement you must:

  • Be a registered student currently studying at the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University, and intend to apply for your degree from the university.
  • Have not previously participated in an Erasmus exchange at the same university level for more than six months.
  • Study full-time at the host university for 2–12 months.
  • Be able to transfer the credits from your exchange to your degree at Stockholm University.
  • Be able to prove you have completed at least 30 credits in psychology before going on your exchange.
  • Demonstrate personal suitability and maturity for exchange studies.

A host university can also require documented language skills, set minimum grade requirements and specific entry requirements for courses.

The Department of Psychology’s nomination criteria for exchange studies

  • You must demonstrate successful results from courses taken at the Department of Psychology and be eligible to continue your studies at the time of your departure.
  • You must meet the host university’s language requirements at the time of your departure.
  • You must be a good representative of Stockholm University.
  • You must be proactive and motivated to pursue exchange studies.
  • You must comply with the rules for the exchange programme you are part of.

Criteria established for prioritising and ranking

Ranking follows this order of priority:

  • Number of credits earned from the Department of Psychology.
  • Number of courses/programmes passed with credit from the Department of Psychology.
  • Personal letter.
  • Promoting the Department of Psychology and/or Stockholm University, and other dedication such as merits from associations, research experience or other commitment relevant to the exchange.
  • Interviews may be conducted if several candidates are equally qualified.

Denise Winroth, student on the General Master's Programme in Psychology spent time on an exchange in Leuven, Belgium.

Travelogue, Erasmus+

Shamm Salih, student on the International Two-Year Master’s Programme in Psychology, spent time on exchange in Iceland.

Travelogue, Erasmus–Nordlys

When will I know if I have been nominated?

We usually notify the applicant within two weeks of the application deadline.

If I am nominated, what happens next?

Once you have been nominated, you can apply directly to the partner university. The precise dates and processes can differ depending on the partner university.

Does it cost anything to go on an exchange?

You will not pay any tuition fees at your host university, however, you must cover your own living expenses while you are away. Students on exchange agreements are entitled to student finance from CSN. Visit their website for more information.

The Erasmus+ exchange pays a grant to help you cover the additional costs you encounter as part of your exchange.

More information about the Erasmus grant

How do I transfer my credits?

You apply for credit transfer omline via Ladok for students, see detailed information on the Transfer of Credit page. Read all the information carefully and note that it is faster to process your application if you send all the documents right from the beginning.

In order for your application to be processed, you need to attach an official transcript and a copy of your signed Learning Agreement.

Transfer of credits

Ladok for students

The CIVIS Network

The CIVIS Network enables students to apply for exchanges in Europe. The Erasmus rules apply for the exchange. Besides Stockholm University, the following universities are part of the network:

Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (Austria)

Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)

Aix-Marseille Université (France)

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen (Germany)

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)

Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy)

University of Bucharest (Romania)

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain)

Université de Lausanne (Switzerland)

University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)


Exchanges outside of Europe

Read more about this on:
Application university-wide agreements and networks – step-by-step

Does working abroad sound exciting? Stockholm University students can apply for a grant to take part in an internship, write an essay or collect data in a country that is part of the Erasmus programme.

Internships abroad via Erasmus+

You can find even more information on the subject on Stockholm University's web.

Study abroad

Practical information about exchange studies



Interested in studying abroad? Please contact our international coordinator for additional guidance and information. Send an e-mail with your request and your contact information to book an appointment (by phone, on Zoom, or in the office at the department).

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