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Here we have compiled useful information for your studies at the Department of Psychology. You will find more information further down this page, in the lists of links to the general education pages at Stockholm University.




Course information

You will find general information about your course in the University course catalog.

Courses and programmes

For course specific information and communication for registered students you will rather used our learning platform Athena. This is where you will find handouts and upload your assignments and much more.




Important information about examination, from sign-up to results and grades.

Grades should be published in Ladok within 3 weeks/15 business days after the final examination for the course in question.

Ladok for students

Most take-home exams are published and handed in through either Exia or Athena and the choice of administrative exam arrangement is up to the coordinating teacher. Take-home exams can sometimes be anonymous and other times not.

To make sure that you do not miss any vital information concerning examinations it is of utmost importance that you have access to the web-based educational platform Athena and that you keep yourself updated and informed through the correct course site.

Studying with a disability


In order to participate in sit-in examinations, every student must sign-up through Ladok for both regular- and re-take examinations. Every exam sign-up opens 1 month before the exam and closes determinately 10 days before the exam. We accept no latecomers!

All sit-in exams at Stockholm University are anonymous and every student receives an individual anonymous code when signing-up in Ladok.

In case of several venues being used for the exam, the seating will be announced through Athena a few days before the date of the exam.

To make sure that you do not miss any vital information concerning examinations it is of utmost importance that you have access to the web-based educational platform Athena and that you keep yourself updated and informed through the correct course site. 

Studying with a disability

Ladok for students

An obtained grade cannot be appealed according to the Higher Education Ordinance. However, a student has the right to have the result in question corrected or to get a reconsideration, if an obvious mistake has been made during the grading process.

Please fill out the form below and send it to registrator@psychology.su.se:

Request for reconsideration/rectification of grades – SUPSY-63 (374 Kb)  (Word)


Leave and discontinuation of studies

The circumstances for approved leave from studies are regulated in the Statute Book of the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHRFS) §3, §4 och §5.

Leave and discontinuation of studies


Transfer of credits

You can apply for a credit transfer if you have already taken a course that is the equivalent to a course or course module (in content and amount of credits) within our department.

Transfer of credits



Tools Photo by Cesar Carlevarino Aragon on Unsplash

Here follows information about and links to some useful tools and services for your studies at the Department of Psychology.

Read more about Athena, Ladok for students, Zoom and more, and how to find help when they do not work...


The Academic Writing Service is the English-language service offered by Studie- och språkverkstaden (The Language and Study Centre).

We provide study skills and academic writing support for all students at Stockholm University. Our mission is to make it possible for as many students as possible to complete their studies independently and achieve good results, regardless of their background or circumstances. We are active in developing our pedagogical approaches, which all have the student placed firmly at their centre.

About the Academic Writing Service

Each course at the Department of Psychology has an Athena site and you become a member just by registering on the course. All course specific information is communicated within Athena. You will find the course syllabus, schedule, handouts and various learning activities in Athena, and you can send messages to your teachers and fellow students.

As a complement to the full website you should also get the mobile app Itslearning, free to download (and use) on the app store for iOS and Android. This way you will quickly get notified when something happens on your course site, and you can also communicate with your teachers and fellow students. But it does not replace the full website, so please login to Athena on a regular basis as well.

It is the department policy that handouts is published in Athena, and will not be copied on paper. If you need to print it out for yourself, you may do so at your own expense, but please think about the environmental impact before doing so.


If you run into problems while using Athena, the first place to go is the support central or Serviceportalen. There is an indroduction video for example, which we recommend you to watch.

Can't find your Athena course site? Please contact the Student administration office (contact info below) so that they can check that you are properly registered on the correct course. Your teacher can probably help you with any course specific problems. If not, you can contact our Athena administrator, Henrik Dunér on hdr@psychology.su.se

Athena support in Serviceportalen

All your course registrations and study results are reported directly into the Ladok system.

As a student you will find your details in Ladok for students. This is where you usually register for every course that you have been admitted to and sign up for examinations. You can get certificates of your finished courses and much more.

Ladok for students


The corona pandemic quickly taught us how to use e-meetings, and at Stockholm University this means Zoom.

For the occasional seminar a web browser is all you need, but for full functionality you should install the client software, or the app on a mobile device. For the full experience you should use a computer or other device with a web camera and a mic.

Pleae note that you should login with your University account, or you will not benefit from the extra security and functions that comes with that. Click on the SSO button, for Single Sign-On!

Zoom installation and support in Serviceportalen



Student office

Contact the Student office if you have questions about registration, schedules, examination papers and results, course literature, transcripts, certificates and more.

Please include your personal details and which course you are taking in any written contact. This will help us help you.


Study and career counsellors

Study and career counsellors offer counselling and guidance. Support in your educational situation and during your studies. Among other things career and guidance counsellors deal with various matters relating to admission requirements, evaluation of courses from other universities and other countries, certain regulations, issues concerning courses, education plans, questions about the labor market and more.


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