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Master of Psychology

Our Psychologist programme (with the official name of "Master of Psychology") is a five year programme to become a professional psychologist – not to be mixed up with our International two-year master’s program in psychology.

This programme is taught in Swedish only, so please refer to the Swedish version of this page for more detailed information.


Are you looking for the "International two-year master’s program in psychology, 120 credits"?

International two-year master’s program in psychology (SIPSO)

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    Can I study this programme in English?

    The programme is offered exclusively in Swedish and requires that you fulfill the requirements of language proficiency before applying.

    How do I gain a license to practise in Sweden if I have foreign credentials?

    Licenses to practise in Sweden are applied for and granted by the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen). They are also in charge of assessing your credentials.

    I already have a bachelor in psychology. Can I be admitted to a clinical master or the latter parts of the Psychologists programme?

    No, we offer no masters in clinical psychology or any alternative routes to this. The only way to study to become a licensed clinical psychologist here is through the full Psychologists programme (300 credits, equivalent to 5 years of study).

    Can I be admitted based on earlier academic studies?

    No, all admissions to the programme are based solely on upper secondary school grades and results on the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test.

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    Registered students should primarily use Athena for teacher communication.

    To contact the Student office or a Student Councellor, see below.

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    Student office - Master of Psychology/Psychologist Programme
    Study councellor - Master of Psychology/Psychologist programme