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International two-year master’s program in psychology

This programme is very diverse and offers you the opportunity to select courses that suits your interests not only in psychology but also in other areas.

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The programme’s overall objective is to provide a broad and in-depth knowledge base within the field of psychology. Courses are offered, for example, in social psychology, evolutionary psychology, cognition, biological psychology, stress and sleep, developmental psychology and work and organizational psychology.

You can study all the courses at the Department of Psychology, but you can also take some courses at other departments at Stockholm University, or even at other universities - in Sweden or abroad, as part of an exchange programme.

The programme includes research methodology, which may be of use in the labour market in general, but also as a preparation for further studies at the doctoral level in psychology.

  • Programme overview

    The programme is a coherent degree programme that comprises 120 credits, meaning four semesters of full-time studies. The programme consists of four main blocks:

    Block A: 30 credits of compulsory courses
    Block B: 30 credits of elective courses in psychology
    Block C: 30 credits of entirely elective courses
    Block D: Master’s thesis (30 credits)

    Year 1

    As a registered student on these courses you will find specific course information and communication within our learning platform called Athena. Please log in with your University account.

    First semester

    Psychology: History and theory of science, 7,5 credits (code PSMT50, compulsory)

    Applied social psychology, 7,5 credits (PSMT57, elective)

    Research methods 1, 7,5 credits (PSMT58, compulsory)

    Statistics 1, 7,5 credits (PSMT59, compulsory)

    Second semester

    Trends in cognition, 7,5 credits (PSMT61, elective)

    Human development – Positive psychological functioning and adaptation in youth, 7,5 credits (PSMT60, elective)

    Psychological aspects on employee selection and recruitment, 7,5 credits (PSMT32, elective but only available to a limited number of students)

    Qualitative interviewing – Data collection and analysis, 7,5 credits (PSMT62, compulsory*)

    Human development – Attachment and relational contexts of lifespan development, 7,5 credits (PSMT63, elective)

    The psychology of leadership, 7,5 credits (PSMT46, elective but only available to a limited number of students)

    * Please note that this course is available in Swedish only at this time. You can choose to study this course OR Applied questionnaire methods, 7,5 credits (PSMT49), see third semester.

    Year 2

    As a registered student on these courses you will find specific course information and communication within our learning platform called Athena. Please log in with your University account.

    Third semester

    Applied questionnaire methods, 7,5 credits (PSMT49, compulsory*)

    Psychophysiology: Relationships between psychological and physiological processes, 7,5 credits (PSMT54, elective)

    Psychological and organizational perspectives on work, stress and health, 7,5 credits (PSMT52, elective but only available to a limited number of students)

    Higher cognitive functions, 7,5 credits (PSMT55, elective)

    Stress and sleep: from bench to bedside, 7,5 credits (PSMT64, elective. New course autumn 2021)

    Emotion psychology and affective neuroscience, 7,5 credits (PSMT56, elective)

    Social behavior: Insights from evolutionary psychology, 7,5 credits (PSMT53, elective)

    * You can choose to study this course OR Qualitative interviewing, 7,5 credits (PSMT62), see second semester.

    Fourth semester

    Degree project in psychology for Master's Degree, 30 credits (PSMT42, compulsory)

  • How to apply

    The program starts every autumn semester. For international students 17 January is the last day for application. For national students 19 April is the last day for application.

    You apply to this program on – just click on the orange button "Apply" on this page and you are there.

    Please note the entry requirements and selection criteria so that you can send the appropriate documents to support your application.

    Mandatory cover letter/motivation letter

    The cover letter/motivation letter form below should be attached to and uploaded together with your online application. The purpose of this cover letter/motivation letter is to assist in determining applicants merit ranking. More information will be found inside the document. The cover letter/motivation letter is mandatory for your application to be complete. Please note that the cover letter/motivation letter is ONE form.

    Master's Program Cover Letter/Motivation Letter Form (68 Kb)  (Word)

  • More information

    Stockholm University arranges online meetings, webinars, for prospective as well as admitted students. At the moment there is not a dedicated webinar for this program, but some others if you have general questions about studying at Stockholm University.

    Meet us online


    Please download our broschure about the programme!

    International Master's Program in Psychology (1009 Kb)

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Here you will find the answer to some frequently asked questions about the International two-year master program in psychology.

    I want to apply to the International two-year master program. Am I eligible? 

    You can see the requirements for the program elsewhere on this page. Please note that we give no notices on eligibility in advance and all applicants must go through the proper application process through, where you will also find information on how and when to apply. 

    Does the International two-year master program allow me to become a licensed psychologist? Is it a clinical program?

    No, we do not offer a masters, or any freestanding courses/modules, in clinical psychology. The only way to study to become a licensed clinical psychologist here in Sweden is through the full psychologists programme.

    The psychologists programme is a five-year long full time programme (300 credits). After that you are granted a psychologists diploma which is a requirement for gaining a license through the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen).

    All admissions to the programme are based solely on upper secondary school grades and results on the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test. You can not be admitted based on academic studies.
    Please note that the psychologist training programme is offered exclusively in Swedish.

    Language requirements for studying in Swedish at universities in Sweden

    I am a Swedish speaker. Can I study the International two-year master program in Swedish?

    No. The International two-year master program is taught fully in English, which includes course literature, examinations and seminars, etc. Everyone is expected to conduct their studies fully in English, including Swedish speaking students.

    I am conditionally admitted to the International two-year master program. What do I need to do now?

    If you are conditionally admitted, you have to prove that you have the necessary prerequisites for the program before we can register you (you will not be able to register online). You must do this before August 19th, 2022. Send an email to containing verification that you fulfill the requirements (for example, a copy of your final transcript and degree certificate).

    Please note that it is not enough that you have the equivalent of 180 credits. You must have a degree certificate or a certificate stating that you have applied for the degree certificate in order to register for the program.

    I want to know more about the assessment for the program

    At the Department of Psychology we only assess the specific entry requirements. University admissions assesses the general entry requirements.

    We have two admission rounds, one international and one national, and we assess the applications in the same way. We only assess whether the applicant has 90 credits in psychology (specific entry requirement) nothing else.

    Essay is not a requirement but can give points in the basis of assessment.

    The degree requirement is not limited to psychology, the student can therefore become qualified if you have a degree for example in theater and 90 credits in psychology on the side.

  • Contact

    Registered students should primarily use Athena for teacher communication.

    To contact the Student office or a Student Councellor, see below.

    More contacts in Education

    Student office - Master's level
    Study councellor - Master's level
    International coordinator