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Doctoral and Licentiat theses in Demography

Here is a list of Doctoral and Licentiat thesis from the Stockholm University Demography Unit.

Doctoral theses in Demography


Signe Svallfors. Bodies and Battlefields: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Colombian Armed Conflict

Andrea Monti. Moving again: Studies of international return and onward migration.


Marie Berlin. Out-of-home care and educational outcomes – prevalence, patterns, and consequences.

Ari Klængur Jónsson. Beyond a Second Demographic Transition? Fertility and family dynamics in Iceland.


Kathrin Morosow. Side Effects: Unintended Consequences of Family Leave Policies.


Helen Eriksson. Studies on Parental Leave and Co-residence using Swedish Register Data. Download Helen Eriksson's Thesis here.


Linda Kridahl. Time for retirement – studies on how leisure and family associate with retirement timing in Sweden. Download Linda Kridahl's Thesis here.


Johan Dahlberg. Parents, Children and Childbearing. Download Johan Dahlberg's Thesis here.

Elina Elveborg Lindskog. Effects of violent conflict on women and children: Sexual behavior, fertility, and infant mortality in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Download Elina Elveborg Lindskog's Thesis here.


Sofi Ohlsson-Wijk. Family Formation in Sweden around the Turn of the New Millennium. Download Sofi Ohlsson-Wijk's Thesis here.


Martin Kolk. Multigenerational Processes in Demography. Download Martin Kolk's Thesis here.

Li Ma. Female Employment and Fertility Change in South Korea. Download Li Ma's Thesis here.

Maria Brandén. Gendered Migration Patterns within a Sex Segregated Labor Market. Download Maria Brandén's Thesis here.


Sara Thalberg: Students and Family Formation: Studies on educational enrolement and childbearing in Sweden. Download Sara Thalberg's Thesis here.

Jani Turunen: Stepfamily Dynamics in Sweden: Essays on family structure and children’s well-being.
Download Jani Turunen's Thesis here.


Lesia Nedoluzhko: Demographic Journeys along the Silk Road: Marriage, Childbearing, and Migration in Kyrgyzstan. 
Download Lesia Nedoluzhko's Thesis here.

Karin Tesching: Education and Fertility: Dynamic Interrelations between Women's Educational Level, Educational Field and Fertility in Sweden. 
Download Karin Tesching's Thesis here.


Ying Hong: Effects of Changing Lives of Women on Fertility in Rural China, With Comparison to Their Husbands' Roles.


Livia Sz. Olah: Gendering Family Dynamics: The Case of Sweden and Hungary.

Diana Corman: Success at Work and in Family Life: Studies in Selected Western Fertility and Family Dynamics.


Gebremariam Woldemicael: Infant and Child Mortality in Eritrea: Levels, Trends, and Determinants.

Gunnar Andersson: Trends in Childbearing and Nuptiality in Sweden: A Period Analysis.

Licentiat theses in Demography


Diana Corman: Family Policy, Working Life, and The Third Birth in Contemporary France and Sweden.


Ann-Zofie Duvander: Why Do Swedish Cohabitants Marry?


Gunnar Andersson: Nuptiality Trends in Sweden, 1971-1995.


Gebrenegus Ghilagaber: The Effect of Cohabitation on Marriage Formation and Dissolution.


Britta Hoem: Alla goda ting är tre? Trebarnsfödslar bland svenska kvinnor födda 1936-1950.