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Arbetar vid Institutionen för ekologi miljö och botanik
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Besöksadress Svante Arrhenius väg 20 A
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Postadress Institutionen för ekologi miljö och botanik 106 91 Stockholm


I use a combined experimental and phylogenetic approach to study evolution of (plant) diversity and its geographic distribution patterns. Recent projects have focussed on the evolution of discrete entities above the level of species (Humphreys and Barraclough 2014) and the role of cold tolerance evolution in shaping current distribution patterns in grasses (Humphreys and Linder 2013).

I am currently setting up my new lab here at SU. In the meantime, please get in touch if you would like to know more or are interested in Master's or PhD projects.

Selected recent publications

Humphreys, AM, Rydin, C, Jønsson, KA, Alsop, D, Callender-Crowe, LM & Barraclough, TG. 2016. Detecting evolutionarily significant units above the species level using the Generalised Mixed Yule Coalescent method. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7:1366-1375

**See a recent MEE blog post related to this article: "Conifers for Christmas: Evolution above the level of species"

Bolinder, K, Humphreys, AM, Ehrlén, J, Alexandersson, R, Ickert-Bond, SM & Rydin, C. 2016. From near extinction to diversification by means of a shift in pollination mechanism in the gymnosperm relict Ephedra (Ephedraceae, Gnetales). Bot J Linn Soc 180:461-477

Barraclough, TG & Humphreys, AM. 2015. The evolutionary reality of species and higher taxa in plants: a survey of post-modern opinion and evidence. New Phytol 207:291-296

Humphreys, AM and TG Barraclough. 2014. The evolutionary reality of higher taxa. Proc B 281:1471-2954

Humphreys, AM, and HP Linder. 2013. Evidence for recent evolution of cold tolerance in grasses suggests current distribution is not limited by (low) temperature. New Phytol 198:1261-1273

Linder, HP, Antonelli, A, Humphreys, AM, Pirie, MD & Wüest, RO. 2013. What determines biogeographical ranges? Historical wanderings and ecological constraints in the danthonioid grasses. JBI 40:821-834

For a complete publication list see my Google Scholar Citations page or ResearchGate.


I currently organise and teach our Master's course on Plant Diversity and Evolution (BL7032) and teach introductory botany on the undergraduate course Organismernas mångfald och fylogeni (BL2013) and evolution and phylogenetics on the candidate-level course Evolutionary Biology (BL5026).


If you are interested in working on these topics (at Master's, PhD or postdoc level) please contact me. I am always keen to talk about ideas and overlapping interests.

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