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Rocket science: Exploring algal blooms from space

The satellite Sentinel-3 will soon be launched into Space by the European Space Agency to collect data about algal blooms and water quality. Susanne Kratzer is DEEP’s lead scientists improving the satellite’s methods.

Linda Eggertsen

Where is a good place for baby parrot fish to flourish?

Where is a good place for baby parrot fish to flourish – corals or seaweed banks? To find out, our DEEP scientists went snorkeling in Rio do Fogo reef in northeast Brazil with collaborators.

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Professors with a drive to explore and problem solve

Meet three women in science and find out how they succeeded to obtain the ultimate title in science: professor.


Master students with a drive for a healthy ocean

The ocean is facing challenges such as overfishing, acidification and habitat destruction. Meet the students taking the master course Applied Marine Conservation Ecology, wanting to do something about it.

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