Our research and teaching consider issues that are of great importance to society and our common future. We are therefore interested in collaborating with the surrounding society for the best possible quality and relevance of our education and research.


Collaboration with municipality and school

Through contacts with schools, we can increase the interest in our subjects and research among the younger generation and we get a better overview of the prior knowledge of our future students. We are interested in contacts with, above all, upper secondary schools. We welcome study visits by school classes and teachers. Our researchers and doctoral students can visit schools give a lecture about our research. We are open for other forms of collaboration with schools. 


Collaboration with companies and organizations

Research collaborations with authorities, organizations and companies provide opportunities for direct knowledge transfer and competence building for both parties. We have collaborations both within Sweden and internationally. In addition to individual research project collaborations, we have a certified marine ecology laboratory that analyses, among other things, the soft bottom fauna and the nutrient content of water in the Baltic Sea.


Collaboration with the public

There is a broad public interest in the issues we study and teach in. We consider it an important task to communicate about our research. This is done for example through activities in the media or direct personal contacts to give lectures for interested organizations. We also participate in outreach events such as Research Friday, Fascination of Plants Day and more.

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