Eva Edman Stålbrandt

Eva Edman Stålbrandt


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Om mig

Eva Edman Stålbrandt, is senior lecturer and director of study at the Department of Education. Her teaching covers both basic and advanced levels of education. Eva Edman Stålbrandt is supervising one doctoral student (as second supervisor), and has supervised and examined many undergraduate final papers. Her research interests concern teacher education, digital media, mentoring and teachers’ induction. Eva Edman Stålbrandt is engaged in the Nordic network of action research. She is also a member of the National Seminar for Cultural Historical Studies as well as Didactic Design and Higher Education research group.

Eva Edman Stålbrandt is a reviewer for ECER in the network of  ICT in Education and Training as well as Comunicar – Media Education Research Journal.

Eva Edman Stålbrandt has twice had a collaborative partnership with Universidad Oberta de Catalunya, through the teacher exchange ERASMUS program and currently with Las Palmas University de Gran Canaria.

Eva Edman Stålbrandt is since 2016 engaged in the Erasmus+ project:Matching graduates’ skills and labour world demands through authentic learning scenarios” (Skill Up).


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