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Computational Linguistics for Language Sciences, LIM014, 7,5 hp [på engelska]
Matematiska metoder för språkvetare, LIN420, 7,5 hp
Independent Project for the Degree of Master, LIM021, 15 hp [på engelska]
Lingvistik – kandidatkurs, LIN601, 15 hp



I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas
  • 2018. Adam Ek (et al.). 11th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

    This paper describes an approach to identifying speakers and addressees in dialogues extracted from literary fiction, along with a dataset annotated for speaker and addressee. The overall purpose of this is to provide annotation of dialogue interaction between characters in literary corpora in order to allow for enriched search facilities and construction of social networks from the corpora. To predict speakers and addressees in a dialogue, we use a sequence labeling approach applied to a given set of characters. We use features relating to the current dialogue, the preceding narrative, and the complete preceding context. The results indicate that even with a small amount of training data, it is possible to build a fairly accurate classifier for speaker and addressee identification across different authors, though the identification of addressees is the more difficult task.

  • 2017. Robert Östling (et al.). Proceedings of the 21st Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics, 303-308

    We describe the first effort to annotate a signed language with syntactic dependency structure: the Swedish Sign Language portion of the Universal Dependencies treebanks. The visual modality presents some unique challenges in analysis and annotation, such as the possibility of both hands articulating separate signs simultaneously, which has implications for the concept of projectivity in dependency grammars. Our data is sourced from the Swedish Sign Language Corpus, and if used in conjunction these resources contain very richly annotated data: dependency structure and parts of speech, video recordings, signer metadata, and since the whole material is also translated into Swedish the corpus is also a parallel text.

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