Research at the Section of Finnish

Traditionally, the research themes of the subject of Finnish at Stockholm University have been directed towards linguistics and literature. Occasionally, individual researchers have published in both fields, like the first professor of Finnish at Stockholm University, Professor Osmo Hormia. He was a poet, published on literature and wrote textbooks on the Finnish language. Likewise,Professor Emeritus Erling Wande, who among other things has done research within translation studies, also wrote on linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics and literature, sometimes combined in studies on (bilingual) metaphors.

In the field of linguistics the topics have typically covered Finnish in Finland and in Sweden, as well as general linguistic and sociolinguistic themes. The same cultural and geographical spread applies to literature. Within both fields – linguistics and literature – researchers have engaged in a multitude of theoretical frameworks. Finland Swedish literature has also been covered to some extent, whereas the study of Finland Swedish as a language variety has not been included. Also cultural and historical aspects have been the foci of research, in particular at the initial levels of post-graduate research.

During the preceding decades there has been a strong commitment to participate in and promote international cooperation, not only with Finnish colleagues, but also with other researchers from various parts of Europe and North America. This tradition continues today, and the staff of the Section is involved in several international research networks.

Linguistics and literature remain at the core of research at the Section of Finnish, while an active attempt is being made today also to initiate research adding a didactic dimension to research and teaching. Especially since the introduction of teacher education for mother tongue subject teachers of Finnish in 2014, there has been a need of research focusing on the didactic aspects relevant for the teaching of and in Finnish in Sweden.