Biologiska membraners struktur och dynamik, 7,5 hp

Om kursen

The course provides advanced knowledge of the lipid membrane and its interplay with membrane protein structure and function. A broad overview of the different types of membrane protein families with an emphasis on transporters, channels, GPCRs and respiratory proteins is covered. We will discuss how energy is transformed to do work at the molecular level and the role of the lipid bilayer to facilitate this. Additionally, the course highlights practical methods for working with membrane proteins as well as the most recent advances in membrane protein research, where the determination of structures has led to the understanding of basic mechanisms such as e.g., ion-conductance at the molecular level. The course is closely associated to the research activities at the Department, where several groups are in the front line at the international level.

Time: The course is given Feb-March (period B).

Contact: David Drew

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