Masterprogram i strategisk ledning med informationssystem, 120 hp

Om programmet

The programme helps you develop your skills in planning, management and technique required for leading any organisation in today's complex digital world. The focus is on design, implementation, use and evolution of information systems. You acquire in-depth knowledge about information systems design and architecture including requirements engineering, digital resource management, service-oriented architectures and agile systems development. You will get a strong understanding of the role of IT in supporting and transforming organisations and networks, including value network design, digital innovation, enterprise systems, business process management, business intelligence, decision support and knowledge management.


Graduates will be able to find positions as IT architects or enterprise architects, project managers, database administrators, systems analysts and application developers. They may pursue careers in a variety of organisations, including large and mid-size corporations, public sector agencies and non-governmental organisations. Graduates may also enter Ph.D. programmes to pursue a research career.

Programme outline

The Master's Programme in Strategic Information Systems Management consists of courses in both business and technology. Our programme curriculum is designed to propel you along a successful career path in strategic information systems management.

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