Open data – not yet standard in the research community

Measurement data from Swedish glaciers can be of great importance for the knowledge about climate change. But sharing research data openly is not given – despite the benefits it can bring. Listen to the researchers who have chosen to work openly, in the podcast Bakom Bokhyllan.

That research should be made open and accessible is a demand from governments, financiers and scientific publishers worldwide. But what does it mean for researchers to work openly - in practice? And why should they do it?

Nina Kirchner is a glaciologist and Director of the Tarfala research station, and John Fitzpatrick is an ethologist and award-winning lecturer at the Department of Zoology at Stockholm University.

John Fitzpatrick and Nina Kirchner. Photo: Julia Milder och Cecilia Burman

In the latest episode of the podcast Bakom Bokhyllan, listeners get to hear about their researchers' everyday life and reasoning about open science. What are the incentives, and what are the challenges for those who want to work openly?

The episode is in English and is available for listening on the web or in any podcast app.

Ep.#42 Open Science in Practice – The Scientist's Perspective