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Professor Tore Bengtsson


Stockholm University
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Obesity is a major inducer of type II diabetes and it is estimated by the World Health Organisation that 300 and 150 million people worldwide respectively suffer from these diseases, with the incidence increasing dramatically over the last 5 years. At present there is no definite treatment for either disease and complications of diabetes include severe cardiovascular problems, kidney failure, blindness and even loss of limbs and death in the later stages of the disorder. Insulin is an important mediator for the regulation of glucose homeostasis and insulin signaling is severely impaired in these disorders.


Selected Publications

Masaaki, S., Hutchinson, D.S., Furness, F., Bengtsson, T., Evans, B.A. and Summers, R.J. (2012)

Interaction with caveolin-1 modulates G protein coupling of the mouse β3-adrenoceptor
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287(24):20674-88

Dehvari, N.,Tapan, M., Persson, J., Bengtsson, T., Graff, C., Winblad, B., Rönnbäck, A. and Behbahani, H. (2012) Amyloid precursor protein accumulates in aggresomes in response to proteasome inhibitor
Neurochemistry International 60(5):533-42

Dehvari, N., Hutchinson, D.S., Nevzorova, J., Dallner, O., Sato, M., Kocan, M.,
Merlin, J., Evans, B.A., Summers, R.J. and Bengtsson, T. (2011)
β2-Adrenoceptors increase translocation of GLUT4 via G protein-coupled receptor kinase sites in the receptor C-terminal tail
British Journal of Pharmacology 165(5):1442-56

Mattsson, C.L., Csikasz, R.I., Chernogubova, E., Yamamoto, D.L., Hogberg, H.,
Amri, E.Z., Hutchinson, D.S. and Bengtsson, T. (2011)
β1-Adrenergic receptors increase UCP1 in human MADS brown adipocytes and rescue cold-acclimated β3-adrenergic receptor KO mice via nonshivering thermogenesis
American Journal of Physiology 301:E1108-1118

Öberg, A., Dehvari, N. and Bengtsson, T. (2011) β2-Adrenergic inhibition of contractility in L6 skeletal muscle
PLoS One 6:e22304

Öberg, A., Yassin, K., Csikasz, R.I., Shabalina, I.G., Hutchinson, D.S., Wilcke, M., Östenson, C.G. and Bengtsson, T. (2011)
Shikonin increases glucose uptake in skeletal muscle cells and improves plasma glucose levels in diabetic Goto-Kakizaki rats
PLoS One 6:e22510

Nedergaard, J., Bengtsson, T. and Cannon, B. (2011)
New powers of brown fat: Fighting the metabolic syndrome
Cell Metabolism 13:238-240



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