David Drew lab moves to SciLifeLab

At the start of June, the David Drew lab group from the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics relocated from the Frescati Campus to SciLifeLab at Campus Solna.

Prof. David Drew. Photographer: Niklas Björling

Professor Drew’s research focuses on applying cryo electron microscopy to study the mechanism of solute transporters for sugars and ions. Professor Drew’s group primarily uses the Cryo-EM Swedish Infrastructure Unit facility located at Campus Solna. “We have been working on mechanistic models of individual transporters for some time and are excited about working closer with our colleagues at SciLifeLab to implement the latest Cryo EM methods and imaging techniques to understand how these proteins work in a more cellular environment”, says Professor Drew.

SciLifeLab is a collaborative partnership project between major Swedish Universities to bring better access to Life Science expertise and technology for researchers. As Prof. Per Ljungdahl, the SciLifeLab Campus Solna Director, notes, “The presence of the Drew laboratory at Campus Solna substantially augments the "in-house" level of expertise regarding the functional analysis of membrane protein catalyzed metabolite and ion transport. We are exceptionally excited in that the primary ingredient of success of national SciLifeLab research infrastructures, like the Cryo-EM facility at Campus Solna, is the close association with highly successful research groups ambitiously seeking to push the envelope of understanding. I anticipate that David and his colleagues will experience and engage in novel collaborations facilitating progress in this important area of biology. The SciLifeLab community warmly welcomes David and his laboratory group to Campus Solna."

Professor Drew’s group joins nine other research groups from DBB based at SciLifeLab, conducting research in the areas of biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology and bioinformatics, as well as several research platforms supporting pharmaceutical work, bioinformatics, and in situ and genomic sequencing.

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