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Graduate students in the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry are taught cutting-edge techniques by leading researchers in their fields. The emphasis on critical thinking, creative approaches, and project management alongside the techniques of your craft prepare you to really contribute to the field of chemistry, whether as a practitioner or researcher.

Whether it is about sustainable development or cures for diseases, chemistry will be part of it. The dept of materials and environmental chemistry at Stockholm university offers you a complete chemistry education on all levels, from bachelor to PhD.

The Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK), offers two master's programmes, Analytical Chemistry and Sustainable Chemistry, as well as a PhD programme. All are are taught in English.

Masters program in Analytical Chemistry

Masters program in Sustainable Chemistry

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Research at MMK

The research at MMK addresses important challenges in energy, environment and health. We work for a better world and a sustainable society.

We focus on developing new materials for a sustainable society, employing green synthesis and sustainable processing routes. We  develop advanced methodologies for chemical analysis and structural characterisation, including analytical chemistry tools, electron crystallography, different spectroscopic methods and multiscale modelling. 

Our research

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Meet our graduate students

Everyone has their own goals for where an advanced degree in chemistry will take them - to a career in research, in industry or even education. What impact will you have? What drives you? What are your dreams? 

Read how some of our graduate students think about these questions, their stories and their advice for new graduate students.



PhD studies

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